Raffaele Capparelli is born in Naples on 7 September of 1964, in the district Vicaria where today he still alive. For a long time he has had this visceral passion for the  production of  chocolate and patisserie; already when he was a  child, he desired to become a great pastry chef.

Today, pastry chef's teacher of one of the most prestigious and the most  frequented confectioneries of the town, " Il Capriccio", in 39, Carbonara Street in Naples, where energy, experimentation and search, inherited by his father Eduardo in 1984, they are expression of an excellent professionalism.

The name "Capriccio" it has origin from past memories: the Whim of Eduardo.  The dad of Raffaele, has wanted to open a confectionery; a loved sector  by the all family.

Particular passion for Raffaele is the production of  chocolate; he usually recommends the white chocolate  for breakfast and the dark during the day; the white chocolate with a spray of flux that assumes a color ivory is a choice for refined tastes certainly.

To provide for a continuous updating of teacher of  chocolate he enrolls in  Neapolitan pastry chefs association and his techniques of production, they always purchase in a great identity.

It begins a run with an active presence to numerous contests that are translated in continuous recognitions and prizes of national and European presence.
We remember "author's chocolate" organized by the Perugina; 500 competitors; Raffaele results winning absolute, with his "Cappuccino", a grain of coffee with a hull of thin melting chocolate and a delicate base stuffing of coffee and cream of Baileyes from the refined and overwhelming taste.

 The idea is born from the habits of  his clients that love to taste a chocolate before the coffee and they often ask him to enrich the drink with a drop of Baileyes. A Multiple Fiat the prize, a plate the memory; the satisfaction to have realized a chocolate that it will be tasted all over the world and the opportunity to produce it in his confectionery. Packing and the window-dressing are edited by Antonietta Esposito that to Rimini in 2005, to the Conpait, she wins and she reaches the first place for the sector window-dressing and packing.

From the protagonist of one of the more appreciated teachers of  chocolate, we remember some words: "If the forms vary according to the imagination and inspiration, the ingredients respect at the most the tradition of chocolate and they won't be done in any way experiments to vary their taste."

The need to be partecipe of the mutations however, proper of the  flow of time,  he has brought him to submit in 2014 to the studioRotella the reexamine of the communication of the confectionery and chocolate shop "Il Capriccio", where the genuineness and yesterday's tastes unite them to the creativeness and experimentation of today.


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The usual appointment of the pastry chef teacher Raffaele Capparelli and of his collaborators in the creation of  products

4of  “Il Capriccio”, confectionery and chocolate shop,  they are the most famous and appreciated in the sector, in Naples, it has been that to preserve an handicraft production with a continuous experimentation of new tastes and odors that unite the genuineness and the quality of the ingredients to the creativeness and culture of Neapolitan confectionery.

The components are selected, according to the respect of the nature, from the citrus fruit peeled to hand to natural candied to the eggs of hens raised to earth; chosen flours select to the fresh butter, from the brown sugar to natural black cherry, from the raisin not treated to the berries of vanilla Bourbon, from the almonds (before Bari) to the Italian honey, from the chocolate (Arriba of Ecuador) to the  natural brown  Italian candied.

More varieties of decorated  and personalized cakes with a difference of products that it can also satisfy the most refined people.
The chocolate shop unites the handicraft production to the taste and the creative sensibility with a continuous search of forms and tastes that it can also satisfy the most selective and sought after palates.

A careful and innovative conservation, to guardianship of the health, for a healthy and correct feeding.








  • Pasticceria mignon
  • Babà
  • Babà farcito
  • Dessert
  • Biscotteria
  • Prussiana
  • Francesina
  • Biscotto amarena
  • Crostatina
  • Caprese
  • Sacher
  • Paste varie
  • Cheesecake
  • Ricotta e pera
  • Delizia a limone
  • Tiramisù
  • Noci e mascarpone
  • Roccobabà
  • Profitterol
  • Nocciolotto
  • Mousse
  • Torte semifredde
  • Torte babà
  • Torte classiche con nutella
  • Torte classiche con fragoline
  • Panettone
  • Colomba
  • Cappuccino
  • Macarons al cioccolato
  • Cioccolato al limone
  • Cioccolato al pistacchio
  • Cioccolato alla nocciola
  • Cioccolato all’amarena
  • Cioccolato al caffè
  • Cioccolato alla gianduia
  • Cioccolato all’arancia
  • Cioccolato alla grappa
  • Cioccolato alla fragola
  • Cioccolato al miele
  • Rustici prosciutto e formaggio
  • Rustici tonno e ricotta
  • Rustici carne e ricotta
  • Rustici wurstel
  • Rustici melanzane e provola
  • Rustici peperoni, provola, prosciutto cotto
  • Rustici ricotta e mais
  • Rustici misto di salumi
  • Sfogliata salciccia e friarielli
  • Sfogliata ricotta e salame
  • Bignè tonno, maionese, olive, insalata
  • Arancini
  • Frittatine
  • Crocchè
  • Bocconcini mozzarella
  • Montanara
  • Pizze fritte, ricotta e salame
  • Tartine
  • Coppa fiordilatte e amarena
  • Coppa cioccolata e fiordilatte
  • Coppa frutti di bosco, fragola panna, limone
  • Coppa nocciola, pistacchio, cioccolato
  • Coppa cioccolata, nutella, fiordilatte


  • “Capriccio”  confectionary and chocolate shop, Naples
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  • Raffaele Capparelli, pastry chef and chocolate maker.


  • 2°  SICAO cup, Grand Prix International de la chocolaterie, deegree of participation, January 1997


  • Pasrty Regional Selection, certificate of participation, I° evaluate, November 1999


  • National Award, Perugina's organization, “Il cioccolatino d’autore”, I° evaluate, 1999


  • VI  Vesuvio award, Mostra d’Oltremare, I° evaluate, Naples, February 2000


  • Grand Prix of Pastry , finalist, Evian, France, March 2000


  • II Exposition of Regional Art of Pastry , certificate of participition, November 2000


  •  Strega liquor cake,  Neapolitan  Pastry Chefs Association s.p.a., certificate of participation, Benevento, 2000


  • Italian Pastry Chefs Confederetion,Italian Confectionary's champion , 2° evaluate, Rimini, January, 2001


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  • Antonietta Esposito, packing and  e window dressing


  • 1° evaluate to Conpait  Contest, Rimini, 2005




Via Carbonara, 39 Naples (NA)

Postal code 80139


Partita IVA 06112750630



Phone number +39 081440579

mobile phone +39 3286847281



Phone number +39 081440579

mobile phone +39 3286847281